The Vet Reflections concept was created by Lidiia Alaverdova DVM to spark positive incremental transformations in the veterinary profession by nurturing entrepreneurial mindset among broader vet community.

Together we embrace the highs and the lows, practice reflective learning, design thinking, innovation frameworks, all things digital and above all kindness.

The basis is to run micro-community projects and challenges to address a variety of issues faced daily, as well as pursue great ideas together. Members get to learn about entrepreneurship and various frameworks while solving challenges they care for together.

  • Broader vet community can get access to various free resources (entrepreneurship, business, marketing, personal dev etc) via social media, blogs and free webinars.
  • Those actively working the individual challenges as side hustles contribute an entry fee as a demonstration of commitment and to ensure quality experience. You can unsubscribe at any point based on our fair refund policy. Or upgrade to get more. Contact us for more info.
  • Interested parties can get access to the outcomes, tools, specific projects and ideas at a set cost (depending on the project).
  • Raised funds will be used to run the community efficiently, cover off needed training, tools and services, donations to support those in need, as well as reinvested back into the community.
  • Other professional services will be offered at additional costs (specific trainings, workshops, speaking etc)

Vet Med is full of brilliant minds and has a massive entrepreneurial potential. As a result of our work, we aim to create positive inspirational stories, actionable vet reflections and a sense of fulfillment.


Who the …. is Lidiia?

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Lidiia Alaverdova DVM (also known as Li or Lidiya) is a generally happy human. She is an energetic, purpose & people-driven leader with veterinary background & well over 14 years [but who is counting…] of awesome experiences in the large FMCG companies. She has done her time in professional affairs, traditional & digital marketing, innovation, commercial development and product management. She believes big things start from smallest wishes and she is ready to take on new opportunities. If you want to know more – keep on reading.


Born and raised in Kiev, Ukraine [which is an achievement in itself, no?] by a family of super smart engineers [all the best things she got from them…].


She received her veterinary degree with honors [and some champagne] from the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine in 2007 [back then it was called National Agricultural Uni].


Lidiia has always been passionate about making a difference and so she does what she loves, when she loves it and how she loves it. She gives it all.


Her path is diverse & full of amazing experiences.

Volunteer. Interpreter. Merchandiser. Office manager. Marketing & Regulatory Associate (Pfizer Animal Health). Chief editor for a professional veterinary magazine VETZOOPROFY . Practicing veterinarian (not long enough, but just enough to know how it feels). Veterinary Affairs Manager (Hill’s). Brand Manager in Global Marketing Innovation (Hill’s). DVMom once. DVMom twice. Senior Brand Manager Europe (Hill’s). Vet Reflections Side Hustle. She currently works for Chr. Hansen Animal Health & Nutrition in Commercial Development as a Head of Global Marketing. And as a side-hustler at heart, she kept her role of Pet Portfolio Manager.


Lidiia worked in various roles, countries and continents over the years with stories and reflections enough to write a novel, which one day – she just might. It just may not be a book.


She fails all the time, but if you ask Lidiia she just learns by doing. Lots and lots of learnings. If she can’t convince you, she will definitely attempt to confuse you. You have been warned.


Lidiia has a strong passion for people, organizational cultures which embrace kindness and purpose, bullshit-free communication, entrepreneurship, creative work, design thinking, innovation, leadership and anything digital.


Her 2 biggest achievements to date are her kids or the little human monsters, as she likes to call them.

She has been granted some awards over the years, from ‘The Future of Veterinary Medicine Award’ by Ukrainian Veterinary Association 2007 to ‘Hill’s You Can Make A Difference Award’ for leading a company wide effort to understand and engage with Millennial Female Veterinarians. Well future is already here, it is just not evenly distributed [said by someone way smarter then Lidiia].

Some other things she checked off her professional bucket list:

  • pioneered and organized many Hill’s European webinars back in 2009-2012
  • founded & nurtured veterinary technicians associations in Poland and Czech Republic
  • created great customer experiences at many vet conferences globally
  • led global innovation strategy in gastrointestinal, dermatological, recovery and dental categories for the Hill’s Prescription Diet brand
  • launched really cool pet food innovations that transformed the lives of pets globally, for example: Hill’s Prescription Diet i/d Stress, Derm Defense and Gastrointestinal Biome foods
  • achieved profitable double-digit growth in her areas of responsibility
  • strengthened and redesigned complex processes
  • supported e-commerce content development
  • led digital execution of Hill’s Global Symposium 2018 with record participation & engagement
  • successfully managed many marketing campaigns from idea to execution
  • developed & launched the Dental Index, Atopy Index and Digestive Index apps plus an internal engagement app.
  • developed pet probiotic technology to use the power of good bacteria at every life-stage


Lidiia is an engaging facilitator and speaker for big & small audiences, has entrepreneurial mindset and what many describe as ‘unlimited energy and positivism’. She speaks English, Ukrainian, Russian, a tiny bit of German & Czech. Sometimes she speaks too much (but she is working on that).


Her purpose is to connect, inspire and energise those around her to feel happy, fulfilled and safe, so that together we can chase unlimited opportunities and create a better future for everyone.

In her free time (if such thing even exists) she loves travelling and hanging out with friends, as well as strangers:).

Lidiia Alaverdova DVM
Lidiia and her immediate family incl 2 little human monsters 🙂

How it all happened in her own reflections?

Once upon a time, when I was a young exhausted first-time mother I had a special moment. The one that remains vivid in my memory despite years passing by. The moment that some will call THE ZERO MOMENT OF TRUTH. It was 8 something pm and I had almost won the sleep battle with my baby-girl. And there I was lying on the floor by her crib in the dark. It has been over 1 hour battle and finally she started to settle. I had to stay quiet for what felt as eternity. In this quiet, dark room my thoughts became louder and louder in my head, so suddenly I could not ignore them. And then the most amazing thing happened – a reflective conversation with myself. It felt freeing and empowering. And in that moment I truly discovered the power of reflections. I was awaken. Well, literally, by my husband who wanted me to empty the dishwasher. Ha-ha.

The process I used to refer to as a ‘crock-pot in my mind…with thoughts simmering until they were done’, actually has some solid neuroscience behind it. But for me it is simply a way of ‘processing my day’ and be at peace with myself. So I too can enjoy life more abundantly!

It has been years now. The sleep battle goes on, now with the baby boy. And my reflective conversation with myself also stuck around. Occasionally I doze off too. Maybe it is my age or whatever. Maybe it is the weight of responsibilities I carry with me. Good solid doze is good. But that time to step back and think about my day in the context of a bigger picture is priceless. It gives me time to concentrate on those small wishes, that one day would result in big things.

As I would carefully lay each day to rest (alongside my human monsters) and once I’ve processed it, discovered what I need to learn, savored the joyful moments and making memories and massaged the things that need to change, then I felt free to let the things in the day go that need to be let go such as frustrations, and keep those that are worth keeping. Now, it doesn’t work 100%, some things are hidden too deep. But it is like closing the chapter on negative thinking and keeping the positive, but deliberately focusing on it.

As a result – all these magnificent (and not so much) ideas were popping in my head. One of those ideas was to elevate entrepreneurship among vet professionals.

So how did the Vet Reflections concept came up. For years I was both challenged and driven by the desire to address the multiple reflections of myself (the vet, the mom, the spouse, the friend, the marketeer, the innovator, the creator, the speaker, the facilitator, the teacher). I always looked for any opportunity to RE-VET the old ways of doing things in our profession and bring new angles, different perspectives. I wanted to experiment and make positive changes. At the end of the day, reflection is the change in direction if you consult Google:).

Some of my passions were realized through my professional carrier, but there are still many wishes in my books.

My own Vet Reflections helped me determine direction, perspective, and gain fulfillment by celebrating moments of value I otherwise tend to miss in going too fast.

Those Vet Reflections guided me in the moments of doubt (am I still a vet or did I give it up along the way?, do I have what it takes?, am I good enough?), difficulties (how do I better integrate family, me time and work?, how do I keep my head up and don’t loose my cool? how do I solve this puzzle? sh** – what now?).

My own Vet Reflections helped me see that the directions, angles and possibilities are unlimited. And I can follow my own path by getting better each and every day. By learning various concepts, frameworks and methodologies and layering them over many years of experiences.

Vet Reflections is what helped me shift from ‘I can’t do it’ to ‘I can’t do it yet, but I can learn or just try’. That was a truly freeing framework.

So one day, I decided to put my unpolished, unfiltered, full of typos, full of love and joy Vet Reflections out there for everyone in hopes that even if I can’t change the world yet, I sure did tried.

I have watched, followed, admired and learned from others who give back by doing some amazing things. I sure do hope you are part of many of those communities. I certainly am. There is a place for everyone under the sun and only by continuously working together, by partnering, encouraging each other and leveraging every angle there is we can move our profession forward to a happier place. The more of us think this way, the faster we will see those positive changes happening.

Alone I feel small, but together with like-minded & diverse people, like you, we can dream and make things happen together.

Li @ VetReflections Logo

P.S. I really wish you join the Vet Reflections community.

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