Everything we do is grounded in the values we carry


  1. Treat any living being right, always be kind and inclusive
  2. Speak the truth, be authentic, real & genuine
  3. Show passion & commitment to energize, engage and inspire others
  4. Do exceptional work
  5. Keep reflecting, always learn, feed your growth mindset & creativity
  6. Pay attention to details
  7. Be courageous: take small risks, reach beyond boundaries and experiment
  8. Keep positive attitude
  9. Ask for help and leverage collective genius
  10. Be accountable: if it is to be, it’s up to me
  11. Have fun, enjoy what you do & always smile
  12. Make a positive impact on the world & community around, pay it forward & give back

Do’s & Don’ts

  • We are not a big business (I refer to it in plural, because no one ever does it alone). We are small, flexible, free-spirited and crazy to believe that we can change the world. And by WE, I literally mean you and me plus of course a network of other talented peeps.
  • We do not have any capital, we rely on humans to help us out. We exchange and trade our knowledge, skills, hard work and creativity for a collective good. Our office is wherever we are. And we like it this way. Hoping you do too.
  • We are not 100% green yet, but we try to live and do things in the sustainable way and take opportunities to improve. One day we too will get there.
  • We are not perfect either, but this has never been a showstopper.
  • We do not talk about profits much, but we’ll be thrilled to talk about people-centered solutions, positive social changes and the purpose.
  • We don’t charge you for everything, but we do need to charge for something, because well, we have a family to feed too. But we promise it will be fair and if you are not happy, well – we’ll make it right.
  • We don’t sell our soul to large corporations or brands, but yeah, we will partner with them to achieve our dreams and goals. Openly and transparently.
  • We do not like ‘office politics’, ‘power play’ or ‘win at all cost’ concepts. We are who we are and as long as we do something meaningful and kind each day – it counts. The game is infinite – let’s just play together nicely.
  • We do not stay on our brand, we stay on our purpose.
  • We do not offer traditional coaching, but we know some excellent professional coaches we partner with and will happily connect you to them.
  • We don’t pretend we know all the answers, because we don’t. However being a curious lifelong learners, we believe there is always a solution for those who keep searching for it. And there is a tribe to turn to.
  • We don’t do a lot of things (we don’t do agency work or traditional consulting). But when we do something, we do it differently and we do it well.
  • We eat cakes, chocolate and cookies too. How about you?

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