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We believe that reflective thinking can increase the level of happiness and spark actions to transform veterinary profession. Ultimately, we know how veterinarians love clinical prove, so we decided to quantify the power of Vet Reflections in a community setting.

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What is it all about? We are offering veterinary professionals from anywhere in the world to experience the power of vet reflections. We designed this to be a fun, inspirational and beneficial experience.

1. Watch a kick off session or just read instructions – you choose.

2. Complete the pre-assessment questionnaire (about 10 min of your time)

3. Reflect daily for only 7 days straight (without missing a day) and post the summary of your reflections in the closed FB group. You have to complete all assignments. We will send you daily stimuli and reminders plus some useful tips along the way.

4. Complete post-assessment survey and share your experience (about 15 min of your time).

5. Take 10 min to read through the final analysis that will be released as soon as we get sufficient number of participants. Please do tell a friend or a colleague about your experience and invite them to join – that would mean a world to us.

Cost: free (excluding your internet fees of course), but with some amazing personal value.

Estimated kick off time: anytime

Who can join? Any member of veterinary profession, anywhere in the world. While stimuli and main sessions are in English – participants can reflect in their own language. All you need is smartphone/laptop, internet, Facebook account.

How to join? Easy, just show your interest via the form below or on our homepage and we’ll be back with instructions and inspiration. Yes, you can drop out at any time – no strings attached. We are excited and happy if you try.

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Hit the button below to begin and simply write 7-day challenge in the form.

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Check our blog posts below to learn more about the power of reflective thinking, even if you are not up for our challenge yet.

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