This is an initiative to bring together a diverse group of people incl veterinary professionals from around the globe to connect, reflect, learn, educate and inspire each other to challenge our perspectives on a given topic. Imagine having a campfire with vets and normal people, but online.

Google & social media have all the answers, and yet the information you see is defined by the AI algorithms and optimized based on your own past searches – hence limiting you to your own bubble of truth. Even in real life we often tend to hangout with vets and people we know simply because it is easier and familiar. So why not mix it up a little and have more real conversations?

This initiative aims to burst our bubbles to give people an opportunity to understand a variety of perspectives on a given issue, especially those that differ from their own. Most importantly, through this initiative, I want to bring more local vets together to build micro-communities with experiences that are not defined by the number of likes and comments.

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