Everyone is struggling. Not everyone is talking about it or showing that they struggle. Although quite a few educational resources have been released (including an amazing training course by Banfield, which if you haven’t completed – please do here), we are exploring another angle to the problem.

Vet Reflections app benefits:

  • Veterinarians can easily express their feelings and practive daily reflections anonymously
  • Leadership gets instant way to monitor the level of frustration in your team or vet practice.
  • Auto generated alerts when necessary (you can also anonymously report that your colleague exhibiting signs associated with high suicidal risk).
  • Handy resources and tips to deal with the situation (those could be manually adjusted to ensure local relevance).
  • Participants will find some mental stimulating activities that help deescalate, distress, re-frame situation and increase overall level of happiness/ fulfillment.
  • The experience is build in the form of game. Clinics will be competing with other clinics in the country and we will be able to assess the vet-happiness worldwide.
  • The more people join – the more donations are made to support veterinarians in need.

We are welcoming contributors, people who had experienced burnout or attempted suicide, practice managers, coaches and psychology experts to help us deliver a value-added experience.

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