The Challenge

Explore becoming The Minimalist Vet: lose the clutter in your head, at home and at work and make a CLEAN space for something awesome.

Vet Reflections - the Minimalist Vet


Veterinary clinics (or any given veterinary workplace) are cluttered with messages, posters, flyers, advertisement of all sorts. All competing for our attention, our time.

Many of us choose one of these routes: sacrificing intelligence for having a strong body, taking on debt to invest in education or new business, or focusing on passions at the expense of their relationships. All these priorities are competing on the regular basis and often the become just too much all together. Our lives and our minds become cluttered and there is just no space for anything new.

All we need to do is let go of what’s holding us back — the little things.

Minimalism is a lifestyle choice and it has been proven effective for hundreds of years. What is it all about? By being a minimalist you simply invest in what is really important to you. But it is actually a lot more.

It’s hard to be a minimalist; it requires you to be highly self-aware, making conscious decisions continuously at home and at work.

Why do it alone? Let’s tackle it together both at home and at work.

We are not going to get together and become radical minimalists, but we will explore relevant techniques and take the little steps towards something less cluttered, more inspiring and perhaps clearing that space for something amazing in your life.

HOW: we will work together to experiment with various techniques in a micro-community setting and 100% online. As a result, we will define what really work for vets both at home and at work, when it comes to minimalism.

WHAT TO EXPECT: expect hand-picked practical content on minimalism, inspirations, guided activities, fun, learning from others in the group, lots of donations, massive decluttering, sustainability tips, minimalist parenting, finances and more.

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