Welcome to the Tribe. Here veterinary professionals can reflect on their entrepreneurial adventures, connect, inspire and be inspired, support and be supported, plus collaborate with other like-minded veterinary entrepreneurs.

LinkedIn Group is open to veterinary professionals, vets & nurses, women, men or neutral, straight or gay, successful or still learning and iterating. For as long as you are a veterinary professional who is an aspired or an actual entrepreneur – join the group, contribute and help others to move forward with their ideas.

Maybe this is where you will find your next co-founder for the startup or your small business. Hopefully this is where an article shared by someone will click in your head and change the course of your adventure.

This is where others that have gone this path before you, will be there to tell you that the key is to start no matter how small. That no matter what fears and demons are in your head telling you you can’t – you absolutely can. When impostor syndrome kicks in – others will reassure you that what you do is enough, what you are is enough. And when you lost – someone will be kind enough to connect you to that right person. Because this is what the tribe does. You have a chance to build yours.

Join us below and help us grow.

PS. Facebook group is also used to compliment the Veterinary Entrepreneurs Challenge – a 5-week online program to get your ideas off your head and move them forward. So you will see some activities related to the challenge and perhaps come across some free bonus content.

Leave your reflections below

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