Applying SYSTEMS THINKING to offset the crisis waves

‘Never waste a good crisis’, – said W. Churchill. So true. Most amazing ideas we have the benefit of enjoying today came out of crisis, so yeah – I do think the future is going to be all right. But our system is broken – I hear this a lot. So let’s talk about the…

VetReflections Work-Life Integration

Work-life balance is dead. Integrate instead.

Today the boundaries between one’s professional and personal life are constantly blurring. It is impractical to think of work-life balance as a complete separation between worlds. Technology means that we’re all available 24/7. Everyone (and particularly emerging group of millennial clients) demands instant reaction and instant connectivity, there are no boundaries, no breaks. Each of…

10 questions to kick-start your vet reflections journey

It all starts with taking a step back, which is an important part of any problem-solving technique (and as members of vet profession, we are by default awesome problem-solvers:). You must put yourself outside the situation and evaluate it with all the variables involved. Then you use your past experience to make plans or strategies…

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