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Reflecting back to design forward.

The Why

Inspire and democratize innovation and creativity to move the veterinary profession forward from within.

Veterinary medicine comes with a variety of angles. No matter the angle, whatever path you picked, anyone can leverage creativity and innovation to design-think vetever (not a typo!) future they dream about.

Reflections bring diversity, a variety of angles & different perspectives. They are fundamental to learning, creativity, innovation, and proven to result in better decisions, supporting little changes that add up to big transformations. Dare to reflect and challenge yourself to think differently?

Let’s create some mind-blowing Vet Reflections together!

Lidiia Alaverdova, DVM

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My specialty is in connecting the dots by combining curiosity, knowledge, experience, and fun creativity in my own way. I am thrilled to help design-think unique experiences and clever solutions for the veterinary community.

It always seems impossible, until it is done.

– Nelson Mandela

The How

Through accessible, hands-on and mind provoking community challenges, I help design unconventional experiences for every veterinary professional, inspiring them to explore design thinking, creativity, people-centred innovation, entrepreneurial journey and more.

VetReflections Community - Veterinary Entrepreneurs Tribe

Micro-cohorts of
like-minded, diverse, driven, open-minded action-takers.

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Variety of frameworks, like Design & Systems Thinking, to solve group challenges

Vet Reflections Inspirations

Continuous inspiration to keep you re-charged, fulfilled & playing

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Focused reflective learning, ample opportunities to build creative muscles and accountability support



Lidiia is a great professional, passionate about her work, always giving more than 100% in everything she does. It has been a pleasure working with her these past two years, always caring, and positive with a great sense of humor which brings encouragement to all the people who work with her. Lidiia has a great knowledge of marketing, digital and veterinary. Hopefully our paths will come back and we can work with her again.
If you want to give value to your company, she is the missing element.

Source: LinkedIn, 2020

Nuno Narciso @ Papel Digital

Yes, Lidiia is a great marketeer. She understands empathy, and is very thoughtful in all her decision making with an extra deep understanding on how veterinarians’ mind works. But the one skill, or maybe more a personality trait that’s rarely seen in all my years of working, is that she simply brings joy to whatever team or situation she’s in. Super positive, always considerate, with a great sense of humor. If you need someone to do excellent marketing AND to boost company morale, she’s it.

Source: LinkedIn, 2019

Tommy Cheng

Dr. Jolle Kirpensteijn

It has been an absolute pleasure to have worked with Lidiia over several years. She is a caring team player, passionate in her work and authentic in her purpose to improve the lives of pets and people. Lidiia combines her veterinary knowledge with strong marketing capabilities to provide a unique value. She is a digitally savvy, millennial minded and innovative thinker who is driven to take action and over-deliver.

Source: LinkedIn, 2019

Iwan Tamm

The first time I hired Lidiia, She provided interpretation services for me in the Ukraine. I was so impressed by her attitude, intelligence and skills, I brought her into our business in a marketing & technical role. She was instrumental in developing our go-to-market strategy in Russia that nearly trebled our operating profit. Having worked with her now in over 17 geographies, including the US, I can say she is that very rare individual who has never met a challenge she cannot overcome. She is so dedicated, she always over-delivers, commits herself fully and thinks creatively and outside the box, challenging conventional thinking to grow the business. The more responsibility she gets, the more she delivers. I would hire her a third time if I could bring her back to the States or if I move to Europe. Industry needs more people like her – a true gem.

Source: LinkedIn, 2019

Dr. Blake Hawley

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