How about an online or live workshop that delivers a unique experience:

  • Virtual facilitation training (power tips on how to fully leverage Zoom, Google G-suit, Trello, Jumboard, Miro, Mural and many more tricks to assist remote workers.
  • Unlock your creativity bootcamp
  • Building a Work-Life Integration Roadmap in your practice
  • Implementing Reverse Mentoring Program in your practice or business
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Design Thinking workshop on a challenge of your choice
  • Brainstorming sessions on a topic of your choice
  • Team-building through a leadership challenge
  • Brand purpose & people-centric marketing
  • Marketing Essentials and core digital tools you need to master in order to succeed (hands on demo)
  • Mastering Google Tools to increase productivity (hands on demo)

Workshops and trainings can be run online or in person. Each experience is designed based on proven frameworks that are carefully adjusted to the needs of the client.

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