10 questions to kick-start your vet reflections journey


It all starts with taking a step back, which is an important part of any problem-solving technique (and as members of vet profession, we are by default awesome problem-solvers:).

You must put yourself outside the situation and evaluate it with all the variables involved. Then you use your past experience to make plans or strategies that will create a desirable outcome from this situation.


Each day take 10-15 minutes at the close of the day to reflect on your day.

Here are some questions I use to guide my own reflective conversations:


  1. Am I ok (not at all, somewhat, ok, quite ok, awesome)?
  2. What was the highlight of my day? Successes to note?
  3. What have I learned today that will help me grow? Mentally? In relationships?
  4. Where do I need to change? What mistakes can I grow from?
  5. Changes needed that will help me? What action steps do I now need to take?
  6. What was most meaningful in the day?
  7. Was I able to reach out and touch someone’s life by a smile? Helped? Was I kind? Did I make a difference? Whom could I help tomorrow?
  8. What other perspectives do I need to look at?
  9. Did I laugh today and have fun?
  10. What is a memory I’d like to remember?


Reflective thinking is more about writing down significant thoughts and action points. Write it in the dedicated notebook or use digital tools like Evernote, Google Keep, Apple Notes etc. I learned the hard way the benefit of writing or capturing these thoughts (memory is a b….).

The questions can be used in the context of the workday or teamed up with personal experiences. Pick and choose what you’d like…or come up with your own. Set aside 10-15 minutes a day to do it (ideally at the end of the day).


Let your Vet Reflections guide you to a happier, inspired, fulfilled and safe state of mind.

If you are willing to help me out to explore the effect of reflective thinking on the members of vet profession, please join my 7-Days Vet Reflections Challenge. You will get plenty of inspirations and opportunity to practice reflection. It takes only 10-15 min a day + a completion of 2 quick surveys.

Even if you don’t join the official challenge, consider practicing reflective thinking for your own benefit.

Li @ Vet Reflections

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